Visual Artist

Memory triggers

Read in englishΔιαβάστε στα ελληνικάRead in english Memory triggers / Unpinned memory Through the last unit of her works, Natasha Metaxa seems to be exploring the way perceptual inputs, similar to the ones that had already been consumed in the past by an observer, stimulate memories that preserve the right to deviation from the real…
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Ancient Suppliant – Contemporary refugee

Ancient Suppliant - Contemporary refugee My inspiration is influenced from the contemporary conjuncture, where human existence is crushed into the post modern condition. The figures I paint have rather symbolic than representational character. I want to make visible not only the uniqueness of each person or group of people depicted, but also the spiritual, mental…
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Family Tales

«ΚΥΡΙΑΚΑΤΙΚΟ ΤΡΑΠΕΖΙ» Το κίνητρο για να φτιάξω ένα έργο εμπεριέχει πάντοτε δύο στοιχεία. Το ένα είναι το μήνυμα που θέλω να επικοινωνήσω και το δεύτερο ο τρόπος με τον οποίο θα το φτιάξω να αποτελεί μια αισθητική πρόταση, αναζήτηση. Νομίζω ότι στη ζωγραφική συμβαίνουν τα ίδια πράγματα όπως και στη ζωή. Όταν η λογική και…
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When the saints go marching

Read in englishΔιαβάστε στα ελληνικάRead in english When the saints go marching    The heavenly creatures that Natasha Metaxa forms present a series of structural elements exceptionally critical for the understanding of her aesthetic proposition. A. The kind of the nude bodies. It is the very kind Renaissance uses, with a diffused light source, with…
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Read in englishΔιαβάστε στα ελληνικάRead in english Angels Natasha Metaxa paints the world according to her feelings and attitude towards it and not according to its factual state. This means that the idea of her painting is not the result of dried analysis and endless research, that many times “blur” the artist, but a “place”…
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Memory Triggers

Read in englishΔιαβάστε στα ελληνικάRead in english Memory Triggers Within a hail of information about what is going on the contemporary art stage, what really troubles me, as a creator of pictures, is whether my works are a means to an aesthetic, mental and moral purification, rather than a novelty in the material I decide…
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Reason and emotion

Reason and emotion In an age in which the use of materials of all kinds is praised to the heavens and in which three-dimensional space is where the action of artistic inquiry focuses, it is something of a surprise to find an artist persisting in using the two-dimensional space of the canvas and colour values.…
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ANGELS – When the Saints go marching

“ANGELS”  /  “When the Saints go marching” - NATASHA METAXA My inspiration to create the series of ‘angels’ derives from my desire to communicate the idea that all of us are carriers of universal messages. These work under concerns the angelic side of the human nature. It portrays ordinary people, men, women, children, aged women…
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